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High Quality of

Accessories & Spare Parts

Agrogen is provide high quality accessories, spare part and quality customer service. These spare parts are highly designed to enhance customer efficiency and productivity. We are only a phone call away from the customer to support them.

Agrogen have a stock from electric to gas and from reciprocating to Rotary Screw. We have varied stock of head gasket, valve plate gasket, air filter elements, valve plates, pressure switch and kits, belts, oil filters, check valves, unloaders and many more. Accessories suck as start-up kit, auto drain, desiccant are available

Air Filters

Compressed air contains considerable quantity of solid & oil impurities. These impurities will be the major cause of downtime in compressed air systems. Agrogen with its rich experience provides innovative solutions to produce clean air by means of using sophisticated filtering system. Agrogen Compressed Air Filters are designed to remove solid & oil residue from compressed air system.


  • These compressed air filters have High quality large filtering media.
  • These compressed Air Filters have Epoxy resin treated housings.
  • These compressed air filters are designed for Very low pressure drop.
  • These compressed air filters have Differential pressure indicators.

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